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Renewing Culture through Beauty, Education and Worship

The modern myth that beauty emerges from the subconscious of a self-seeking creative genius goes against the traditional understanding that beauty emerges from a living tradition under the inspiration of God. For example, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met regularly in Oxford’s pubs to discuss their writing and their faith. In the early 20th century, Russian exiles in Paris formed a community focused on the re-establishment of the great tradition of iconography so central to Christian worship. Composers like Handel and Mozart created beautiful music accessible to all people that directed listeners to the transcendent.

Conversations and community among creators and thinkers have always been essential to shaping culture. These eminently human moments—and the friendships they inspire—must be cultivated if we are to illuminate America’s darkening culture and society.

American culture is in rapid collapse in large part because of an abandonment of beauty in education and worship. The Scala Foundation’s 2023 conference on art, the sacred, and the common good grows out of its deep work around Princeton to bring together artists, students, teachers, and scholars.

In a world increasingly hostile to the idea that beauty is anything more than self-aggrandizement or yet one more tool of oppression, this event offers the warmth of community to anyone who is passionate to restore the connections between beauty and truth and between reason and creativity.

Attendees will be inspired by artists who form virtues through beauty and have the opportunity to build community with people pursuing the way of beauty. Thanks to the generosity of many supporters of this event, we are pleased to offer both Friday and Saturday’s program free of charge. Only Saturday’s sessions will be available to watch (at no charge) via livestream.

“Scala’s conference put culture makers on stage. Attendees sang, prayed, read poetry and beheld icons. I appreciated the chance to go beyond talking about what particular thinkers said and see how beauty is related to our shared lives.” -Micah Novelist and Ph.D. Student in Philosophy, The Catholic University of America; Attendee at 2022 Conference H.

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