The Mother of God – Scala Foundation Webinar

Jonathan PageauSymbolic World Icon
November 7, 2023

This is a repost of a Scala Foundation webinar in anticipation of the upcoming Scala Conference in April 2023. The topic of our discussion was Mary and the Burning Bush, so we discussed Mary, the Mother of Christ, and her symbolic significance in Christianity, how she relates to revelation, veiling, body, art, the role and power of the feminine, community, and much more.

The Scala Conference will be held at Princeton Seminary, where I will be exchanging with Aidan Hart and other speakers on 21–22 April 2023:

Art, the Sacred, and the Common Good:

Original webinar:

Scala Foundation: Margarita Mooney Clayton and Jonathan Pageau on Sacred Art:

This article is currently being edited and will be reposted soon

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