Colin Miller

I've been watching, listening, reading and thinking for over half a century. I've probably learned more about a few things than most, but there are others who know much more than I do about many things.  I look at the cord of time as it twists and turns through history like a serpent. I look at the story of our lives and our connection to the great story of history. One of the most useful concepts I have found in the Pageau brothers' work is that time is when heaven and earth do not agree, and when they do agree, there is space.  It is possible to find places beyond the dominion of time where heaven comes down, the earth rises up, and they meet in love and beauty. I have found such a place. I'm no strange snake-handler, I am Orthodox. I love God and going to church. My small part of the great story takes place mostly in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.