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Symbolic World Press invites you to enter a mythical world where angels, giants, dragons, warrior saints, and mysterious monks battle over an object of immense potential power—the world's very first relic!

Montreal, CA – Jonathan Pageau is excited to announce the launch of a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will fund the production and publication of God’s’Dog: Warrior, the second graphic novel in a five-volume series. The Kickstarter’s secondary goal is to begin funding the production of a new, collaboratively illustrated comic book series called Garments of Skin.

Pageau Brothers Jonathan and Matthieu cowrote the first graphic novel, God’s’Dog: Monster, depicting the story of the legendary dog-headed Saint Christopher. They wove the tale into an epic world wherein angels, giants, dragons, warrior saints, and mysterious monks deal with the consequences of the world's very first relic. The second volume, Warrior, continues the story of Reprobus (the “Monster”), as he undergoes training, trials, perilous journeys, and vicious confrontations with some unlikely characters. The cosmic stakes of the story take shape as we discover the origin of the conflict with the giants. The full color graphic novel will be 150+ pages.

In addition to the second graphic novel, the campaign will make possible the production and publication of the inaugural issue of a new comic book series entitled the Garments of Skin, a collaboration with six other illustrators, which Pageau plans to publish quarterly. The team of artists has prepared a preview of the comic to share with all backers of the campaign. The official launch date for the Kickstarter is January 31.

The Pageau Brothers funded the first book, God’s’Dog: Monster, in a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign in 2021. "An artistic rendering of the legend of St. Christopher, God's'Dog brings the oftforgotten giant dog-headed warrior saint to life in thoughtful and terrifying fashion," said Greg Hurwitz, Writer for Batman and New York Times Bestseller of the Orphan X series. In 2023, Jonathan launched another crowdfunding campaign for a series of fairy tales, and with the success of this campaign, Jonathan launched an independent publishing company, the Symbolic World Press, which is now focused on publishing the fairy tale series and this series of God’s’Dog graphic novels and comic books.

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Jonathan Pageau is a renowned liturgical artist, writer, and public speaker. Through his popular YouTube channel and podcast, the Symbolic World, he has become a sought-out interpreter of the deep patterns in stories.

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