Eugene Schreder

Eugene is a recent convert to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, a father of two, and a husband of one. He received his Bachelor’s degree in history from St. Cloud State University in 2020, having written his thesis on the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons from paganism to Christianity, specifically from a cosmological perspective. In his studies, he explores myth, folklore, philosophy, history, and science with a particular focus on cosmology, with the goal of discovering how all of this fits in with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is currently working on a novel (don’t ask him if or when it will be published), and will soon begin a YouTube channel. Here, he plans to perform original works, as well as old stories, poetry, and myth in verse while playing the Germanic hearpe - a 6th-10th century, typically six-stringed lyre on which great Germanic poems like Beowulf and Cædmon’s Hymn were performed. Keep an eye out for his yet-to-be-named YouTube channel, but don’t look too hard for his novel.