The Only Solution to Culture

As we watch our culture become blander and less cohesive, we need to ask the hardest questions, about distraction and entertainment, about the possibility of participation and how this relates to liturgy as the ultimate word of art.

Anthropology of Mysticism | Shared Inheritance Seattle Conference – May 2019

Beyond giving us a coherent Christian mysticism, the Hesychastic tradition of the Christian East also offers a general anthropology, a vision and hierarchy of the human person which can give us a way to live in the world today.From May 2019 Shared Inheritance...

Discussion with Matthew Miller of Logos Made Flesh

Matthew Miller runs the blog and youtube channel Logos Made Flesh where he does symbolic interpretations of movies and looks at structures in the biblical narrative. We discuss his own discovery of symbolism and some of his insights into symbolic patterns.

Mystical Musings – May Q&A

Many questions about the nature of reality, about Christianity and one question about Owen Benjamin.

Interview for “Better Left Unsaid” Documentary

This far-reaching interview was done by Curt Jaimungal who is preparing a documentary, Better Left Unsaid, exploring when the political left goes too far.

Walls Prevent Change – How Space Fixes Time

The modern world is characterized by a strange mix of change and extreme solidity through the nation state, scientific taxonomy and the never forgeting internet. I look at how delimited space and categories tends to fix and prevent change in the world.

Time is Speeding Up – Devouring Space

As technology develops, we have all notice time speeding up in our experience. As time accelerates, it is also beginning to eliminate the natural relationships of space, of distance and reducing our capacity to exist in stable identities. Diseases like ADHD, fragmented families and the breakdown of hierarchies in general are symptoms of a mode of being which goes with the acceleration of time.

The Thrill of Death

I give news about our recent flooding and then look at the symbolism of death as well as the strange thrill that comes when being faced with death. I also discuss that time I met the punk band Sum 41 in a Congolese war zone.

Merlin’s Last Laugh

As a complement to my Clown World video, I will look at a traditional story in which the wizard Merlin appears as a hysterically laughing wildman who restores the world by his laughter. This is found in The Romance of Silence, a thirteenth century Arthurian Romance which has come to prominence in recent times.

Welcome to Floodworld

Just an update to let all of you know where we are at with all of this flooding and to remind you that #symbolismhappens.

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The Problem with Monotheism | Santa and the Tooth Fairy Pt. 2

The Problem with Monotheism | Santa and the Tooth Fairy Pt. 2

The idea of Monotheism vs. Polytheism is an inadequate way of describing reality. When we view the world as hierarchies of principalities which point towards an infinite God, so many aspects of the world and the Bible take on their full meaning.