Twitter and The Reign of Chaos

Looking at how Twitter and other social media are used in the social narrative can help us understand what a reign of chaos looks like.

March Q&A, 2019

Every month I do a live Q&A with patrons. Once in a while I make it public.

What The Future Holds

The music at the opening is the Russian Eastern Overture, by Rimsky Korsakov.

Symbolism Happens!

One of the criticisms I get is how by saying something is symbolic, I am somehow suggesting that it is not describing an event in the world. This stems from a deep misunderstanding of what symbolism is. Symbolism is not so much an arbitrary allegorical representation of something, but rather the very pattern by which we notice meaning.

February 2019 Q&A

Streamed live on Feb 26, 2019Every month I do a live Q&A with patrons. Once in a while I make it public.

The Symbolic Meaning of Flat Earth

Analyzing the symbolic meaning behind the resurgence of flat earth theories and their adherents who stem from all types of backgrounds.

The Symbolism of Conspiracy Theory | Alex Jones on Joe Rogan

Although on the surface, Alex Jones seems to spout off crazy stuff, but when looking at the patterns in which he engages, another image begins to appear. I try to analyze some of the imagery he uses in his videos.

Faith and Art – Wycliffe College panel discussion

A deep discussion about Christianity, art and the place of artists of Faith in the contemporary cultural landscape. The panelists were Jonathan Pageau (iconographer), Phil Irish (contemporary visual artist) and Gloria Kim (cinematographer). The event was organized by Wycliffe College (University of Toronto) and Imago. It was held September 29th, 2019.

Panpsychism and Logos

I discuss panspsychism and evolution with Jean-Philippe Marceau, who is a Graduate Student in Philosophy. This video was taken from my February symbolism seminar. I have a monthly symbolism seminar with 150$ supporters.

Rapunzel – The Double Symbolism of Hair

The story of Rapunzel is a very well put together story in terms of symbolism in which we can see a perfect example of the double symbolism of hair, as a form of external supplement as well as a form of ornamentation. This video follows a few other videos of mine. The...

Latest Podcasts

Zombies, Postmodernism and Art

Zombies, Postmodernism and Art

Expanding on a talk I gave last year called Pentecost for the Zombie Apocalypse, I discuss the meaning of the zombie and the monster in general as a portent of cultural patterns.

A Guide to Turning Postmodernism Against Itself

A Guide to Turning Postmodernism Against Itself

I look at some aspects in the deconstruction project of Jacques Derrida and give a few strategies for taking the upside world created by postmodernism and putting it back on its feet.

Cognitive Science and the Sacred

Cognitive Science and the Sacred

John Vervaeke is a cognitive scientist and psychologist who teaches at the University of Toronto. He has won several teaching awards and is seen as a life changing lecturer by his students. We discuss the meaning crisis as the breakdown of the binding web offered by Christianity, as well as relevance realization and its relationship to the sacred.