How The Joker Smashes Our Political Narratives

The Joker movie has been causing outrage in mainstream media channels, and it is not clear why at first glance, and so I break down some of the narrative structures to show how the movie smashes the Overton window by constantly breaking the expected political narrative.

Rise of Jordan Peterson – Live Q&A with Jonathan Pageau

I hosted the showing of Patricia Marrcoccia’s Rise of Jordan Peterson in Montreal. This is the short introduction and then an extensive Q&A answering very diverse questions from the audience.

There is No Literal Meaning

The opposition between literal and metaphorical is as useless as it is damaging to understanding how reality actually unfolds in the Christian cosmology. I look at problems of the very concept in a neutral description of reality a
nd how the notion of Symbol can give us a better alternative to meaning.

The Inevitability of Ritual

Although many contemporary Christians want to deny they involve in religion and religious ritual, these rituals are inevitable. Ritual is inevitable in all human interaction even when someone is trying to rebel against their form.

From Barren Earth to Pure Land – The Nativity of the Mother of God

I was asked to give some thoughts on the birth of Mary following the vespers preceding the feast at St-John of the Ladder Orthodox Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Radical Proposal of Sacred Art

Sacred Art in the form of iconography, liturgy and all that this entails, is a possible door to a world of participative culture which has slowly been closed as modern culture focuses more and more on entertainment.

August 2019 Q&A

(A re-run of my livestream from August 26, 2019 on my YouTube channel.)

Problems with Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Narrative

Steven Pinker’s narrative of Enlightenment conveniently dismisses how the dark side of modernity is born in the same enlightenment principles he wants to uphold.

Living a Quality Existence | with Sevilla King

Sevilla King is a therapist who is also running a youtube channel called A Quality Existence where she comments on the discussion around the meaning crisis as well as doing a commentary reading on Robert Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Credit, Interest and the Acceleration of Time

Credit is an inevitable element of contemporary life, but it seems to contribute to the acceleration of time.

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As technology develops, we have all notice time speeding up in our experience. As time accelerates, it is also beginning to eliminate the natural relationships of space, of distance and reducing our capacity to exist in stable identities. Diseases like ADHD, fragmented families and the breakdown of hierarchies in general are symptoms of a mode of being which goes with the acceleration of time.

The Thrill of Death

The Thrill of Death

I look at the symbolism of death based on my recent events surrounding me and examine the strange thrill which comes when being faced with death. I also discuss that time I met the punk band Sum 41 in a Congolese war zone.

Merlin’s Last Laugh

Merlin’s Last Laugh

As a complement to my Clown World video, I will look at a traditional story in which the wizard Merlin appears as a hysterically laughing wildman who restores the world by his laughter. This is found in The Romance of Silence, a thirteenth century Arthurian Romance which has come to prominence in recent times.