Living a Quality Existence | with Sevilla King

Sevilla King is a therapist who is also running a youtube channel called A Quality Existence where she comments on the discussion around the meaning crisis as well as doing a commentary reading on Robert Pirsig’s book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Credit, Interest and the Acceleration of Time

Credit is an inevitable element of contemporary life, but it seems to contribute to the acceleration of time.

René Girard: Desire and Sacrifice – with Craig Stewart

I explore the basics of René Girard’s theory of Memetic Desire and sacrifice with Craig Stewart. We also discuss the resurgence of scapegoating in contemporary politics and how Girard’s theory can give us insight into the mechanisms by which this has occurred.

Discussing the Meaning Crisis with Paul Vanderklay

My third discussion with Paul Vanderklay, where we talk about our own situations, the Jordan Peterson moment as well as our vision of the meaning crisis.

July Q&A

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Technical Society and Media – Jacques Ellul, Marshall Mcluhan | with Christian Roy

Christian Roy is an expert on Jacques Ellul, Marchall Mcluhan and Bernard Charbonneau. We discuss technicity, media and its relationship to a symbolic world.

The Symbolism of Storm Area 51

The Storm Area 51 facebook event has taken the internet by storm, boasting more than 3 million people interested or saying they will attend. Why has this joke become so popular, what social trope does it manifest in the world.

From the Flood to the Beanstalk – New Patron-only Videos

News of our flood situation and preview of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale video for patrons only.

Meaning of the Ice Cream Licking Challenge

I look at the pattern emerging from the recent viral videos of people licking ice cream, spitting into containers in stores and putting the items back on the shelf.

The End of the World and the Purpose of Laughter

Laughter, distraction, exceptions, are all images of the edge of a world, but is there a way for laughter to play a useful part in living on the edge.

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Latest Podcasts

Andrew Gould – Beauty and Meaning Today

Andrew Gould – Beauty and Meaning Today

Andrew Gould is an architectural designer and liturgical artist with whom I often collaborate. His work is rich in an exploration of traditional principles coupled with an attention to the particularities of context as well as a hint of fantasy. I explore his approach to creation and his worldview.