Understanding the Icons of Holy Week

During Holy Week, the Orthodox faithful will see several icons in the center of the church being commemorated. These icons speak to each other regarding their elements and brought together with other liturgical elements, they participate in a powerful symphony of meaning.

Accelerationism and Dancing with Death

Accelerationism, the notion that we should aggravate the current chaos in order for things to break down and bring about a better world is an idea that has been resurfacing now for some time. We look at the issues it can bring about on a social, but also a personal scale.

Mass Shooters and The Tyranny of The Individual

The recurring image of the mass shooter is a symptom of celebrity culture, where our attention, rather than being taken by our transcendent purpose and common identity is rather tyrannized y a succession of excesses.

Kabbalah, Occultism, Freemasonry and Jordan Peterson – Stop Being Silly

In the wake of many attacks on Jordan Peterson, I look at the danger of reducing symbolic structures to their historical association with groups, schools of thinking and occult personalities.

Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse | The Web of Identity

I discuss the symbolism of Spider-Man into The Spider-Verse with Thomas Wijnaendts van Resandt of the Storytellers channel. We look at how the movies shows us the manner in which we enter and participate in a common identity.

JRR Tolkien and The Applicability of Stories | with Fr. Andrew Damick

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick is a priest, an author, a podcaster and avid fan of JRR tolkien. Having recently started a Tolkien themed podcast named Amon Sul with Ancient Faith, Fr. Andrew and I discuss stories, liturgy and what it means to be at the threshold of the sacred.

Twitter and The Reign of Chaos

Looking at how Twitter and other social media are used in the social narrative can help us understand what a reign of chaos looks like.

March Q&A, 2019

Every month I do a live Q&A with patrons. Once in a while I make it public.

What The Future Holds

The music at the opening is the Russian Eastern Overture, by Rimsky Korsakov.

Symbolism Happens!

One of the criticisms I get is how by saying something is symbolic, I am somehow suggesting that it is not describing an event in the world. This stems from a deep misunderstanding of what symbolism is. Symbolism is not so much an arbitrary allegorical representation of something, but rather the very pattern by which we notice meaning.

Latest Podcasts

Food, Sex and Communion

Food, Sex and Communion

Explaining some of the symbolic relationships between eating, the fall of Adam, sex and how all of these elements come together in the sacrament of communion.

The Langauge of Creation | with Matthieu Pageau

The Langauge of Creation | with Matthieu Pageau

Matthieu Pageau’s book, The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism in Genesis is now available on Amazon. Matthieu and I discuss the impetus for writing such a book on Biblical symbolism. We look at the basic ideas in the book as well as how these answer the major problems we are faced today in terms of world view.