Beauty, Complexity and Ethics | Timothy Patitsas

Timothy Patitsas teaches Ethics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School Of Theology and the dean of Hellenic College. His new book “The Ethics of Beauty” deals with how the world presents itself liturgically through patterns found in human action.

The Symbolism of Epidemics

We will look at the general symbolism of epidemics using the current crisis as an example of how the pattern of infectious diseases plays out in society. We also examine the strange stories of epidemics in the Bible.

How the Lord’s Prayer Contains All of Creation

We examine the symbolic structure within the Lord’s Prayer.

How Art Can Help Save the World | Boston Talk pt.3

This is the third and final parts of an event which was organized by the Boston Fellows and Orthodoxy on Tap.

A Tour of an Orthodox Cathedral | Boston Talk pt.2

I give a tour of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Boston with Fr. Demetrios Tonias who is the dean of the church.

The Symbolism of Heavy Metal | with Christopher Ruocchio

Christopher Ruocchio is the author of the Sun Easter series published by Penguin Random House. We discuss the apotropaic possibilities of Heavy Metal, how it can be used as a way to warn us of evil and chase it away. We also look at how this inverted symbolism can be subversive as well.

Art and Technology: From Death to Glory | Boston Talk pt.1

Looking at the narrative about art and technology, how they are related to the fall and how Christ transform that relationship into a new glory.

The Entire Cosmos in the Parable of the Sower

We look at the Parable of the Sower as a meta-parable which gives us the very structure of meaning making and an image of how the worold lays itself out.

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