From the Flood to the Beanstalk – New Patron-only Videos

News of our flood situation and preview of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale video for patrons only.

Meaning of the Ice Cream Licking Challenge

I look at the pattern emerging from the recent viral videos of people licking ice cream, spitting into containers in stores and putting the items back on the shelf.

The End of the World and the Purpose of Laughter

Laughter, distraction, exceptions, are all images of the edge of a world, but is there a way for laughter to play a useful part in living on the edge.

The Garden of Eden as Cosmic Structure – St-Ephrem the Syrian

I go through the image of the Garden of Eden presented in St-Ephrem the Syrian’s Hymns on Paradise, discussing how it is a structure of being and experience and relating it to other works, especially St-Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses.

Interview: Symbolism, Star Wars, & The West

An interview with Left Foot Media.

Cannibal Babies and The Resurrection

I discuss the medieval problem of cannibal babies and who’s body will be resurrected if a person eats another person. I then look at what that means in terms of ontology and normal causality.

June Q&A – No More Scruffy Pageau

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Self-Sacrifice in Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame flips the theme of human sacrifice in Infinity War and presents us with a story of self-sacrifice.

The Only Solution to Culture

As we watch our culture become blander and less cohesive, we need to ask the hardest questions, about distraction and entertainment, about the possibility of participation and how this relates to liturgy as the ultimate word of art.

Anthropology of Mysticism | Shared Inheritance Seattle Conference – May 2019

Beyond giving us a coherent Christian mysticism, the Hesychastic tradition of the Christian East also offers a general anthropology, a vision and hierarchy of the human person which can give us a way to live in the world today.From May 2019 Shared Inheritance...

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Latest Podcasts

Feminine Symbolism in Christian Art

Feminine Symbolism in Christian Art

The imagery of the Mother of God is explored, its development in the history of the Church and how it relates to understanding the symbolic patterns of reality.

Understanding the Last Judgement

Understanding the Last Judgement

The traditional icon of the last judgement is a very complex image which is both the synthesis of Christian typology as well as an image of the eschatological finality of all things. It is basically an image of the structure of reality.

Gregg Hurwitz – Patterns in Politics and Storytelling

Gregg Hurwitz – Patterns in Politics and Storytelling

I discuss storytelling and politics with best selling author Gregg Hurwitz. Gregg has written Batman and the best selling novel series Orphan X. He has also participated in producing a new advertisement to change the narrative of the American Democratic Party.