The Symbolism of Hair

Looking at the symbolism of hair in scripture and how it relates to death, to power, ornamentation and ultimately to glory.

The Symbolism of Technology in Christianity | From January Q&A

I answer a question from Thomas Mcgahan about the narrative around technology in the Christian story.

Beauty Among The Ruins – Saskatoon talk

The 20th century has both wielded an absolute assault on Christianity and its artistic tradition, but in the darkest moment, a few flames were lit, and the traditions were reborn, spawning a new liturgical art which is flowering and still gaining strength today.

Lord of the Rings | Symbolism of the Ring of Power

We all intuitively feel that the ring of power on LOTR is intuitively right as a magic object, but what binds its aspects together to make it so fascinating? Why is it a ring, why does it make invisible, why does it participate in a dark hierarchy of power?

Patreon, Subscribestar and Solutions

Trying to find solutions to the deplatforming problem.

Beauty and Meaning Today – with Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould is an architectural designer and liturgical artist with whom I often collaborate. His work is rich in an exploration of traditional principles coupled with an attention to the particularities of context as well as a hint of fantasy. I explore his approach to creation and his worldview.

Bird Box – The Politics of Censorship – with Thomas Wijnaendts van Resandt

Bird Box has become a very popular Netflix movie and it contains much symbolism which veers toward propaganda and a celebration of safe space culture.

The Cosmological Symbolism of Gremlins

Gremlins is a surprising Christmas monster movie, but in the humor and mayhem, one can discover the true meaning of Christmas.

The Amazing Christmas Symbolism of Little Jack Horner

Interpreting the nursery rhyme of Little Jack Horner and showing how it contains deep symbolic structures relating to Christmas and the winter solstice.

December 2018 Q&A

I am putting out the December Q&A because so many supporters have jumped ship from Patreon and because I deal with the Patreon question in the Q&A. Hopefully the situation will be resolved very soon.

Latest Podcasts

Sacred Space in Secular Terms

Sacred spaces are not arbitrary, but are rather constructed in a particular way which show us what they are and also show us how space itself can become a specific place, a “here” which becomes the reference for identity.

The Cosmic Significance of “Puss in Boots”

I go through the surprisingly universal structure of Puss in Boots and how it’s symbolism is an image of how a the last thing can become the first after crossing the waters of chaos.