Gauthier Pierozak

Gauthier Pierozak is a French researcher who specializes in Christian symbolism and its history.

He has published several books and articles on the topic, such as The Symbolism of the Diamond in Light of some Early Christian Emblems and The Vulnerary of Christ. He also shares on his Facebook page findings and insights on the symbolic language of Christianity and other traditions.

His work is inspired by the work of René Guénon, and by Louis Charbonneau-Lassay, a 20th-century French symbolist and archaeologist who studied and documented Christian symbols of various regions and epochs. Gauthier has recovered and restored many of Charbonneau-Lassay’s unpublished manuscripts and drawings, which he shares with the public through his websites and publications.

Gauthier’s main interest is to explore the meaning and origin of Christian symbols, as well as their connections with other symbolic systems. He believes that symbols are a form of intuitive communication that can help provide a sudden understanding of what is otherwise indescribable. He also aims to revive the appreciation and understanding of symbols among modern Christians.

See his appearance on Jonathan Pageau’s YouTube channel here.