Estuary Chino 2023 event with Jonathan Pageau, John Vervaeke, and Paul VanderKlay

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If you follow Jonathan Pageau, John Vervaeke, Paul VanderKlay, or all three on their respective YouTube channels, this event is for you.

All three will appear together for two days of presentations and conversation, interspersed with break-out sessions for processing, using a modified form of the Estuary Protocol. Kathryn Wilson, of Thunder Bay fame, will be the moderator.

Be among the 100 people who will sign up for the now obligatory (liturgical?) "paintball for Jesus", which will happen on Thursday May 18, starting at 12 noon, followed by dinner at Graziano's Pizza. ($60 additional plus food)

Please, decide whether you want to add "Paintball for Jesus" at the same time you register for the conference. Due to software limitations it is complicated to add it later.

note: If you want to join us for pizza but not for paintball, be sure to register for the meal only ($10 )

The exact schedule for the main section of the conference, May 19 and 20, has yet to be determined, but will involve presentations by all four speakers, as well as conversations between them, moderated by Katheryn Wilson, feedback sessions, q/a times, and estuary-like conversations for everyone. A more precise schedule of events will be published around mid-April. Also included will be lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday.

On the Sunday after the event (May 21), John Vervaeke will start things off with a guided meditation. Gather at 7am for a (very) light breakfast in the music room at CrossPoint Church, and join John for a time of centering and connection.

Paul will be the guest preacher at the CrossPoint Church service which starts at 9:30am.

Later on Sunday afternoon, at 1:30pm, buses will take those who signed up for this session to St. Andrew's Orthodox Church, where Jonathan Pageau has been invited to lead a tour through their church, explaining all the icons, statues, and symbolism from his unique perspective as an icon carver. (note: we will be entering what for the Orthodox is a sacred space. Dress appropriately. No shorts. No hats)

Conference includes lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday.

In order to maximize personal interaction, both with speakers and with each other, we are limiting attendance to 325 people. 100 tickets will be made available at a reduced rate ($219). Feel free to take advantage of those if it helps you get to the conference. If you can easily afford the full price tickets ($269), please, consider paying the full price in order to leave the discounted tickets for those who need them more than you do.

A group rate for 30 rooms has been negotiated at the Ayres Hotel in Chino Hills, CA. Mention Estuary Chino when you make your reservation and you should pay no more than $129+tax for a nice room.

It is most convenient to make lodging and transportation arrangeements with peple you already know and will be travelng with. However, if you are coming alone, but would still like to get together with others to reduce cost, please, click on this link and fill out the form. This will help us put you in touch with others looking for same:

click here to save money on lodging and ground transportation

This event is sponsored, in part, by ProFathers, Inc, and by your local Chino chapter of what has come to be known in This Little Corner of the Internet (TLC) as the Estuary Project, not to be confused with Estuary, Inc. which, as far as we know, does not exist.

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