Why We Venerate Images

Recently there’s been some online debate about icons and the veneration of icons. In this video, I try to take a step back to show the deeper reason why icons are important in the thrust and fullness of God’s revelation in Christianity.


00:00:00 – How I approach this topic
00:01:36 – Intro music
00:02:02 – Thou shalt not make graven images/idols
00:03:53 – The reason for the 2nd commandment
00:07:19 – The Image of God
00:09:46 – Progression of the revelation
00:10:55 – The Son of Man
00:13:51 – The early church
00:19:06 – All the consequences of the Incarnation
00:19:50 – Worship and veneration
00:21:45 – The Name of God
00:24:37 – The Image of God in the Old Testament
00:26:01 – The 2nd Commandment is a promise


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