The New Odyssey - with Dr. Martin Shaw

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November 7, 2023

Dr. Martin Shaw will be a speaker at the Symbolic World Summit next year in Tarpon Springs, Florida. In this conversation we discuss pagan stories, including The Odyssey and The Iliad, our current moment in the West, the return of paganism and a desire for Kleos (imperishable glory) in modern life. We also talk about how much paganism differs from Christianity, wrestling with Scripture as a mythographer, and Martin’s journey to Orthodox Christianity.

Dr Martin Shaw is a writer, storyteller, and mythologist. Award-winning author of seventeen books, his most recent, Bardskull, was Guardian Book of the Day and described by the Sunday Times as “rich and transgressive.” He is a wilderness rites of passage guide and spent four years living in a tent. Shaw founded the Oral Tradition and Living Myth courses at Stanford University and is described by the Irish Times as an “interloper from the medieval.” An Eastern Orthodox Christian, over the last twenty-five years Shaw has introduced thousands of people to myth and how it speaks to our age. He is widely published: Orion, The Sun, Mississippi Review, Poetry International and many others.

Dr. Martin Shaw’s website:

Join me and Dr. Martin Shaw and others at the Symbolic World Summit in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Date: Feb 29-Mar 2, 2024
Tickets start at $399:

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