The Icons of Holy Week

Jonathan PageauSymbolic World Icon
May 1, 2024

This talk took place in April 2024 at the Maliotis Cultural Center, hosted by Hellenic College Holy Cross with Dr. Timothy Patitsas. In this talk I take you through all the icons of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to the Anastasis, the icon of the Resurrection of Christ. Hellenic College Holy Cross: Originally posted on the Maliotis Cultural Center channel:

Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro music 01:29 - Introduction 05:07 - Center intro music 05:48 - Jonathan's talk 07:52 - Palm Sunday 12:49 - Bridegroom Matins 16:44 - Washing of the Feet 22:46 - The Last Supper 24:59 - The Crucifixion 32:58 - The Descent from the Cross 35:55 - The Anastasis 50:23 - Q&A

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