Subjectivity and the Psalms - with Michael Legaspi

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November 7, 2023

Dr. Michael Legaspi is an Associate Professor of the Old Testament at Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. In this discussion, we explore the Psalms and the question of subjectivity, perception, the soul, memory, participation, and attention.…


00:00:00 – Coming up next…
00:00:49 – Intro music
00:01:13 – Introduction
00:02:03 – Subjectivity
00:04:38 – Scriptural subjectivity
00:06:21 – The porous self and the buffered self
00:10:44 – The Psalms and the soul
00:16:11 – Matins: The Six Psalms
00:22:02 – A microcosm of Scripture
00:25:10 – Memory
00:30:30 – How we connect with God
00:34:27 – The Soul (nephesh) and the Nous
00:43:09 – Propositional vs relational
00:44:43 – Worship and attention

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