Q&A with Bret Weinstein, Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Pageau - SFL Regional Conference, Vancouver

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November 7, 2023

This is the panel discussion for the SFL Regional conference in Vancouver, Canada.  Many questions are answered and the topic moves towards the video I made critiquing Weinstein's notion of factual truth as being the 'top-level' truth.  

For the video I made regarding this:

- The Question of Truth - Answer to Bret Weinstein from the Joe Rogan Podcast with Jordan Peterson: https://youtu.be/Crto8OBYabs

The original Joe Rogan clip: https://youtu.be/knvqdxoqYSI

For my presentation at this event:

- New Media Pundits - The Ragtag Heroes of an Upside Down World: https://youtu.be/OdZB1nKmOxc

For Jordan Peterson's presentation at this event: https://youtu.be/FS5sR1WytNQ

This article is currently being edited and will be reposted soon

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