Pentecost for the Zombie Apocalypse

Jonathan PageauSymbolic World Icon
November 7, 2023

This talk was given at the 40th annual conference for the Diocese of the South in the Orthodox Church of America with the blessing of Archbishop Alexander Golitzin.

For more on the icon of St-Christopher:

The original audio was recorded by Ancient Faith Radio:


Liturgy: The main service of the Orthodox Church where communion is celebrated.

Altar: The table on which the services are celebrated by clergy in the Sanctuary.

Nave: The main part of the church where the faithful are situated.

Narthex: The entrance of the church which acts as a transition to the outside.

Hesychia: Stillness acquired by the practice of cyclical prayer and breathing which is the basis of the Orthodox spirituality.

Antidoron: Blessed bread out which the communion bread is cut out. Though communion is reserved for those who are prepared, the antidoron is given out abundantly after the service to all.

Nous: Intuitive capacity of human beings.

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