Milo, Jordan Peterson and the Symbolic Worldview - with Rachel Fulton Brown

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November 7, 2023

Rachel Fulton Brown is a Medievalist and a tenured Professor at the University of Chicago.  We discuss her friendship with Milo Yiannopoulos, her interest in Jordan Peterson and what such figures might mean in a time of chaos.

Links for Rachel Fulton Brown:

-Rachel Fulton Brown's homepage:

-Her forthcoming book on "Mary and the Art of Prayer":

-Her "Fencing Bear at Prayer" blog:

Blog posts we talked about:

-"Kung Fu Milo" (on Milo and the Kung Fu Panda):

-"God's Fools" (on Milo, Francis, and Jesus):

- "Signed with the Cross" (on Jordan Peterson's understanding of the role of Christ as Hero):

- "St. Milo the Dangerous and the Dragon of Chaos" (on Fencing Bear's story about her relationship with Milo and the way he embodies the Hero archetype):

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