Biblical Symbolism: Uncovering Your Father’s Nakedness - Fr. Stephen De Young

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November 7, 2023

Fr. Stephen De Young is writing an article for our upcoming publication, the Symbolic World Magazine, and he will also join us as a speaker for the Symbolic World Summit in February 2024. He is an amazing writer and speaker and has really helped me reach new heights in my understanding of Scripture.

In this discussion we specifically discuss certain sexual and revolutionary symbolism in the Bible, starting with when Ham “uncovered” his father, Noah’s, “nakedness”. Understanding this is a key to understanding Genesis 9, and an important aspect of Biblical storytelling.

Bio: Rev. Dr. Stephen De Young is Pastor of Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is also the host of the Whole Counsel of God podcast from Ancient Faith and author of the Whole Counsel Blog, as well as co-host of the Lord of Spirits podcast. Fr. Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Amridge University.

This article is currently being edited and will be reposted soon

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