Artificial Intelligence in Biblical Terms - with Jordan Hall

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November 7, 2023

I catch up with Jordan Hall in light of recent developments about artificial intelligence, how people are responding to it and conceptualizing it, Ai and ChatGPT in Biblical terms, understanding the weight and ramifications of terms like "god", agency, angels and demons, wisdom, virtue, and technical knowledge and application.

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Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Coming up next 00:01:14 - Intro 00:01:40 - The diagnostic on Ai 00:04:24 - Snow White project 00:07:28 - Jordan's Perspective on Ai 00:09:22 - "We're building a god" 00:12:57 - A god and a genie 00:16:43 - Rampant implementation 00:19:56 - The difference between angels and demons 00:25:05 - Building walls against the flood 00:29:51 - Where this is going, in Biblical terms 00:36:15 - The question to ask 00:40:49 - Bringing the virtues into the world 00:43:51 - Saints 00:46:00 - Crisis of conscience and repentance 00:50:02 - Elon Musk 00:55:22 - The invisible conspiracy 00:59:27 - Reorganization 01:01:16 - Increase in power 01:05:51 - Solomon, AI, and 1984 01:13:05 - Power vs principality 01:16:28 - Solomon

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