Parallel Love | with Fr. Christopher Foley, Fr. James Bozeman, Fr. David Bozeman (Luxury)

I interviewed Fr. Christopher Foley, Fr. James Bozeman and Fr. David Bozeman, three Orthodox priests who are also in a rock band called Luxury. They started Luxury in the 90s but have since returned to making music, releasing an album in 2019 and currently working on a new one. We discuss their story, their music and approach to art, how to reconcile secular art with the sacred, their influences and creative process and more.

Parallel Love documentary:
Luxury – Spotify:…

Thanks to Nicholas Pino for making the intro music.
And to Jakub for the accompanying video editing:…


00:00:00 – Coming up next…
00:01:11 – Intro music
00:01:59 – Introduction
00:03:03 – Their story
00:05:52 – Recent live concerts
00:12:57 – Priesthood and music
00:16:37 – Approaching art
00:17:58 – Hierarchy and the sacred
00:28:13 – Talking with the parish
00:30:28 – A change in the music
00:36:55 – Influences
00:41:27 – Their process
00:43:52 – Offering your work to God


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