Digital ID and Control | with Dr. Paula Boddington

This is my third conversation with Dr. Paula Boddington. This time we talk about agency, consciousness, digital ID, security, power and the mythology of technology, and how artificial intelligence plays into our desires and our notions of what a human being is.

Dr. Boddington is the author of “Towards a Code of Ethics for Artificial Intelligence”. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the New College of the Humanities and has held academic positions at the University of Bristol, the Australian National University, Cardiff University, and Oxford University. She has received research awards from the Future of Life Institute, the National Institute of Health Research, and the Welcome Trust.

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00:00:00 – Coming up next
00:00:37 – Intro music
00:01:04 – Dealing with global affairs and the internet
00:04:45 – This video’s topic
00:05:32 – When agency doesn’t need consciousness
00:09:59 – Agency and consciousness in groups
00:20:05 – Fractals groups of identity
00:22:40 – Potential VS control in the digital space
00:28:22 – Britain and Canada
00:29:38 – Leading to centralized digital ID
00:32:54 – Does digital ID enhance or debilitate agency?
00:34:31 – How going digital grants authority
00:37:00 – Digital VS local security
00:39:37 – The question of the day
00:42:57 – Creating your digital twin
00:47:21 – Data VS knowledge
00:51:13 – How tech sells itself
00:55:34 – McLuhan’s electric beast
00:57:16 – Technology and death
01:02:39 – Power and the mythology of technology
01:06:05 – Descartes, the self and the body
01:12:04 – Conforming identity to desire
01:18:43 – Desire and AI
01:21:53 – Who pulls the strings with AI?
01:24:57 – Free speech and Elon Musk buying Twitter
01:28:47 – Outro


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