Universal History: The Bridegroom and the Scapegoat | with Richard Rohlin

In this Universal History episode Richard Rohlin and I talk about holy week and the idea of marriage as the basis of civilization alongside René Girard’s idea of the sacrifice and the scapegoat.

NOTE: Contrary to what I say in the video, the “fig tree” reading is actually from Sunday night (aka the Matins of Monday morning). — Richard

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Books mentioned:
– The Ancient City A Study On The Religion Laws And Institutions Of Greece And Rome:….
– The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400-1580, by Eamon Duffy:…


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– Amon Sûl podcast (Exploring the Tolkien Legendarium with the Christian Faith):…
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00:00:00 – Coming up next
00:00:26 – Intro music
00:00:58 – Start
00:01:48 – René Girard
00:04:05 – The founder of a city
00:07:38 – The basis of kingship
00:11:41 – The ritual crowning
00:14:25 – City-founding rituals & Vestal Virgins
00:25:19 – Christ the bridegroom & the core of holy week
00:32:57 – Monday: Joseph in the old testament
00:40:25 – Tuesday: the fig tree & removal of the garments
00:44:18 – Wednesday: the betrayal
00:48:20 – Thursday: the moment of the wedding
00:53:40 – Friday: funeral of Christ
00:58:15 – Keeping watch over the tomb
01:00:36 – Holy Saturday: baptism
01:01:17 – The scapegoat and the marriage
01:05:56 – Outro


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