King David: How to Be a Conservative Rebel

In this video I talk about the symbolism of a conservative rebel. The stories of David and King Saul in Scripture can tell us a lot about how we can act today to resist a tyrannical system in the proper manner and without revolution.


00:00:00 – Start
00:00:52 – Intro music
00:01:19 – King Saul: the tyrannical king
00:02:27 – The secret king in an upside down world
00:03:44 – David the court jester
00:05:29 – Excess naming
00:08:43 – What to do: Jonathan’s sign to David
00:11:17 – The dragon pinned down
00:13:00 – Associating with the foreigner
00:15:20 – The conservative rebel VS the revolutionary
00:20:43 – Accept being the fringe
00:23:36 – Outro


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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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