Christianity VS Esotericism with Styxhexenhammer666

I had a great conversation with YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666, who self-identifies as a pagan. A lot of his YouTube content is commentary on American politics and he also works on translating and editing occult literature. In this conversation we discuss the current crisis in the West, the middle ages VS encroaching modernity, how societies should be structured, globalism, individualism, Christian mysticism and more.

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Our previous conversation:
– Break the Rules: Paganism VS Christianity – Styxhexenhammer666 & Jonathan Pageau:


00:00:00 – Intro music
00:00:25 – Introduction
00:03:39 – What happened in the West to create schisms
00:08:10 – Esotericism in Byzantium vs the West
00:11:14 – How does paganism translate to the modern world
00:13:29 – How he got into editing
00:15:46 – The crisis
00:18:46 – Hinduism
00:21:31 – Some solutions to the meaning crisis
00:25:26 – The priests vs the politicians
00:29:01 – Tradition vs ideology
00:34:12 – A society based on an all-encompassing God
00:43:51 – Decentralization and globalism
00:46:53 – Have you reconciled somewhat with Christianity?
00:49:32 – Christian mysticism
00:52:03 – Outro


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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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