The Body of a City & How Authority Works

This video is a repost from a discussion I had with Sam Glenn, whose YouTube channel is dedicated to exploring philosophy. We discuss the symbolic reality of the bodies and agency of cities as principalities. Viewers might find it complementary to last my discussion with John Vervaeke, linked below. Sam and I also talk about how authority ideally functions, and modernity’s relationship to authority, hierarchy and technology. Enjoy.

– Original video:
– Collective Intelligence: Angels in Scientific Terms | with John Vervaeke:


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:25 – Contents of this discussion
00:01:30 – The body of a city
00:07:09 – Fractals: humans and cities
00:10:49 – Embodying higher consciousness VS idolatry
00:14:17 – What agency do we have as part of the bodies of angels?
00:20:24 – The value of a community of authority
00:26:35 – Modernity both resists and fetishizes authority
00:35:09 – How technology stretches authority
00:38:23 – How authority works
00:44:01 – Outro


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