How to Navigate Symbolic Interpretations (Symbols Patterns Hierarchies channel)

This is a repost of a discussion I had on the Symbols Patterns Hierarchies YouTube channel. Jakub is Polish and has made a series of excellent videos on symbolism in anime both in English and Polish. My brother Matthieu and I really enjoyed his videos and I decided to contact him for a discussion.

We talk about my time in Africa, Moana and ambiguity in symbolism, seeing symbols in context, monsters and waters above and below, the proper relationship between center and margin, Dune, hierarchies of interpretation, Bitcoin and how to go about disobeying corrupt authority as a Christian.

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Original video:
Symbols Patterns Hierarchies: JONATHAN PAGEAU: missions, patterns, Dune:


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:31 – Start
00:02:04 – The 3 Pageau brothers
00:04:51 – Missionary work in Africa
00:17:49 – Ambiguity in symbolism
00:28:32 – The flood, waters above and below
00:35:09 – Centre VS margins
00:36:44 – Dune & navigating symbolic perspectives
00:48:50 – Bitcoin
00:52:55 – Dealing with corrupt authority
00:54:49 – Outro


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