The New gods of Modern Storytelling | with Ben Hatke

I interview American cartoonist and children’s book illustrator Ben Hatke, about storytelling and graphic novels. We talk a lot about the evolution of stories, how we make them our own, how modern superhero comics compare with ancient mythology, whether the story of Christ stands apart and above other stories, with a monopoly on certain storytelling tropes. Enjoy!

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I said Ben’s book, Julia’s House Goes Home, will come out this month, but we actually recorded this in early October. So you can already buy it:
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00:00 Introduction
02:09 How did you get into comics?
10:13 Page composition
17:01 Danger vs possibility
24:16 The evolution of stories & making them your own
31:33 Fundamental story patterns
39:09 Stories of entertainment vs participation
51:36 Is self-sacrifice exclusively Christian?
57:50 Back to participation in stories
01:04:29 Is mythology fiction?
01:08:38 Can gods be created?
01:15:05 The one true story & the resurrection
01:27:52 Outro


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