Discerning the Spiritual World: UFOs, Machine Elves, Placebo, Prelest & Paradise (YMT Podcast)

This is a repost of an interview I had on the Your Mate Tom podcast (link below). Tom and I talked frankly about our current political situation in the world, the Book of Revelation, power and safety and what the future holds. We also discussed symbolism more broadly, spirituality, the consequences of the disintegration of Christianity, spiritual war and deception, how Christianity approaches “integrating the shadow”, how Christ completes the “Hero’s Journey”, absolute non-duality and new age ideas, UFOs, the placebo and psychedelics, video games, horror and more.

Apologies for the connectivity issues we had during the interview.

Original video: SYMBOLISM, Spiritual Entities & REVELATION w/ Jonathan Pageau | YMT Podcast #39:


00:00:00 Intro & the current situation
00:02:33 Are we in Revelations?
00:06:38 Power is its own motivation
00:08:48 The devouring mother
10:37 Is this the start of a new age?
00:13:41 How to understand symbolism
00:18:28 Are symbolic patterns inherently religious?
00:19:57 Are patterns fundamental?
00:22:04 Is it possible to step outside of pattern?
00:23:06 Discern fake vs real spiritual people
00:25:16 Obsession with the strange
00:31:52 The destruction of Christian mysticism
00:34:56 Spiritual war
00:37:02 “Integrating the shadow” in Christianity
00:39:22 Christ completes the Hero’s Journey
00:42:46 Why was Lord of the Rings successful?
00:47:49 The Literal VS Metaphorical debate
00:52:35 Absolute non-duality
00:58:43 Prelest & addiction
01:14:42 Language of Creation: heaven & earth
01:16:39 Heaven & paradise
01:22:22 How Christ unites the spiritual & material
01:30:35 UFOs & the placebo
01:34:31 DMT Machine elves & the Book of Enoch
01:40:29 The allure of psychedelics
01:49:10 Carl Jung and psychedelics
01:51:01 Video games
01:54:12 Why people like horror
01:59:07 Outro


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