The Inevitability of Religion: Evolution, Video Games, AI and Psychedelics (Freedom Pact)

Two months ago I was a guest on the Freedom Pact podcast. The interviewer asked some very good questions on my views about religion, science, evolution, video games, heaven and hell, Jordan Peterson, artificial intelligence, psychedelics and more.

The Freedom Pact Podcast has been featured in the top 100 of every global chart. Including being top 50 in the UK, US & India, and being #1 in places such as Iceland, Northern Ireland, Norway, the Philippines, Nigeria and Canada.

Freedom Pact links:
-Original interview, titled “Jonathan Pageau Interview on Meaning, Grand Narratives, Evolution, Heaven and Hell & More”:
-Freedom Pact YouTube channel:


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:47 How do you understand where we are as a society?
00:04:24 Historic signs of the collapse of a civilization
00:09:17 Other sources of meaning outside of traditional religion
00:12:30 Will we ever lose the religious impulse? The limits of science
00:19:20 Evolution and Darwinism
00:26:44 Why people are dismissive towards religion and how to move forward
00:32:35 Parallels between religion and video games
00:35:51 Should secular people pray?
00:39:07 Why great art can affect us so deeply
00:42:11 What would hell be like?
00:45:47 What is heaven?
00:48:23 What is God?
00:53:13 Jordan Peterson’s idea of acting as if God exists
00:55:55 Why does Jordan Peterson resonate with so many people?
00:57:58 Are you worried about AI?
01:03:24 Thoughts on psychedelics
01:06:38 How do we heal society?
01:08:11 What makes life worth living?


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