Egregores, AI and the Golem - with Daniel Townhead & Kenneth Florence

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November 7, 2023

This conversation was prompted by two articles Daniel and Ken wrote on the Symbolic World blog on the topic and use of the word “egregore”. Here we discuss what this term means and how it fits into the symbolic worldview, the traditional cosmology and Christianity. We also talk about alternative terms like golem, artificial intelligence, and more generally how we can approach and categorize higher beings, angels and principalities.

Articles mentioned

- The Symbolic World vs Egregores, Part 1, by Daniel Townhead & Kenneth Florence:

- The Symbolic World vs Egregores, Part 2, by Daniel Townhead & Kenneth Florence:

Conversations with Jordan Hall and John Vervaeke on this topic:

- Egregores, Mobs and Demons | with Jordan Hall & John Vervaeke:

- Collective Intelligence: Angels in Scientific Terms | with John Vervaeke:

- Angels in Scientific Terms | pt.2 | with John Vervaeke:

Other relevant content:

- The Book of Enoch: Fallen Angels and the Modern Crisis:

- Symbolism of the Beasts in The Book of Revelation:

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