Considering the drama we have seen on Patreon, Subscribestar and the de-platforming that occurred on several social media platforms, we encourage supporters to sign up for our own patronage system.


Part of your support goes to fund professional video editing, hardware, software as well as other fees. It also frees up Jonathan to be more involved in the content creation, participation on other channels as well as more involvement with viewer reactions.

All patrons will have:

1. Early access to several videos and increased involvement from Jonathan on their comments.
2. Monthly live Q&A.

Higher tiers will have:

1. Capacity to ask questions in advance for Q&A
2. Skype calls with Jonathan
3. Capacity to propose and vote on the subject of some videos.

All content for Patrons will appear in the Patron Only section.

Patronage Levels

$2/mo. – Supporter

  • Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy the content
  • You will have early access to some videos
  • Link to monthly live Q&A

$5/mo. – Supporter +

  • Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy the content.
  • You will have early access to some videos,
  • Link to monthly live Q&A,

$10/mo. – Involved

  • Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy the content
  • You will have early access to some videos
  • Chance to ask questions in advance for monthly live Q&A
  • Occasional possibility of suggesting and voting for subjects of videos

$25/mo. – Conversation

  • All prior perks +
  • I will have one 60 minute discussion with you on Skype per year on the subject of your choice.

$50/mo. – Partner

  • All prior perks from 1-10$ tiers
  • + two one on one Skype conversations a year

$150/mo. – Doctor of Symbolism

  • All prior perks
  • I will give a small group online class on symbolic interpretation with the people at this level.
    • This will include a monthly 60 minute lecture and conversation
    • email and follow-up, commenting on student’s writings, etc.

$200/mo. – Principality

  • All prior perks
  • You get to pick the subject of a video each year.

$300/mo. – Guardian Angel

  • All prior perks
  • I will make myself available for private phone calls and exchanges with you on a monthly basis which could be used to coach a creative project.

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What you are funding:

“Mr. Pageau, it is an understatement to say that many young people who grew up in The Church but were inculcated by the public school system and modern-day media sources desperately NEED to be awakened to the type of wisdom displayed in your video.”

“This is one of the most profound and intelligent pieces of material on religion i’ve ever seen.”

“This video is a mind worm.”

“Absolutely brilliant. I’m one of those reformed atheists coming back to religion. Like you said it’s like breathing again”

“Your videos have been really helpful to me as an artist and a Christian feeling very alienated within the contemporary art world.”

“Day by day I feel like the world is slipping one more little step into Hell. Then I watch one of your lectures and am convinced (at least for short while) that the opposite is actually true. Thank you for the hope, sir.”

“I am currently reconsidering religion, that I thought, from my teenager years, was nonsense. It’s no nonsense at all.”

“I’m finding it harder and harder to not call myself a Christian. Crazy”

“This is what i was missing when was a teenager dedicating my time to atheistic arguments and christianity bashing…”

“You’ve heard of the Hitch slap, but now we have the Pageau punch! You’ve given me an invisible black eye to compliment the humorous shame I carry for having been so smug in my disbelief.”