The Symbolism of Conspiracy Theory | Alex Jones on Joe Rogan

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Videos

Although on the surface, Alex Jones seems to spout off crazy stuff, but when looking at the patterns in which he engages, another image begins to appear. I try to analyze some of the imagery he uses in his videos.

This is based on Alex Jones’ latest appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. :

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  1. laura.giles

    The symbolic worldview is definitely allowing you to unpack many things Jonathan. However, I’d like to know how dangerous someone like Alex Jones is — someone who both perceives at some level the symbolic structures of things but because his worldview is fundamentally unsound he can lead people astray — seriously astray. He is obviously not grounded in classical orthodox (small o here) Christianity. He is connecting into archetypes/symbols but doesn’t have the full picture.