The Mark of Cain

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Videos

This is my second video trying to relate the difficult symbolism in the Book of Revelation. While my first video was about the beasts in Revelation (, now we will attempt to understand the Mark of the Beast. But to understand the Mark of the Beast we must first understand what a mark is in general. In this video I discuss this very primordial symbolism, starting with its origins in Scripture and how it’s related to accounting, technology, identification, and, yes, medicine.

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1 Comment

  1. María Teresa

    Thank you, Mr. Pageau. As intriguing and appealing as always, started on your videos a week ago and I am finding serious difficulties to leave them even to work. Reading right now the (much) interesting book “The language of creation” by the other Pageau brother, and longing for the announced second part on this never ending source of inspiration, the Book of Revelation. And thank you for your brother’s and your own insights that make me feel I am not totally insane at finding meaning in everything since I can recall.