The Divine Comedy: Love in Heaven and in Hell (Kintore College talk + Q&A)

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Videos

Kintore College invited me to give a talk on love as the driving force of human existence as part of their Philosophy and Literature program. Since many found it useful I decided to repost it on my channel, also including the Q&A section at the end.

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  1. Shannon Stone

    Jonathan, wow! I feel like you were speaking directly to me with your most recent post! Thank you! I love how you illustrated and then demonstrated through literature and metaphysics How love follows loves to express and experience Higher loves.! I witnessed your conversation on multiple levels one being my attraction to sugar and how that sugar addiction can have a manifestation in my body that is not for my highest good. You also delved into the conversation about how all action, all physicality, all emotions, everything that happens in our circumstances is love. I just wrote a blog post on the subject called the Michelangelo effect – right before I clicked on your newest post! Michelangelo was quoted once by saying that he saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set it free. And if all is love all is God then the hammer, the chisel, the chiseler and the angel are all the same! Love! What do we really have to fear when we realize everything is love, leading us to higher versions of love!? I am enamored by your site and I AM leaning in every time you send a post. Thank you for being a champion of light and sharing these deep truths with all of us! I look forward to witnessing more of your wisdom!
    🌟Shining star


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