Responding to the Mohammed Hijab Video

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Videos

This video is a response to a discussion between myself, Jordan Peterson and Mohammed Hijab on Jordan Peterson’s channel. Many people have reached out to me since it’s been out, so here I give some background context and an explanation of why I reacted the way I did.

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  1. Jeanne Moy

    I am glad you made this – I stopped listening to the Hijab video when I thought I understood Hijab to say the what was going on in Nigeria and some other countries was not as bad as it’s made out (my paraphrase) when I read almost weekly in my Catholic sites that another priest has been kidnapped or killed or another Christian church burnt down. Nigeria a country of Christian martyrs. I got the impression from the start he was going to try to control the conversation. Your explanation of the Trinity was beautifully done and I will use it next time I’m asked about it! Thanks!

  2. John Martin

    I felt Hijab was terrible. It was like being asked to abandon my own parents and adopt his as my own. You just don’t do that. Unless of course they are terrible. And his wonderful beyond belief. But of course this just isn’t the case. And people like that have yet to learn that actions speak louder than words. And you can’t bully people into being good. You can only bully yourself into being evil. (This is a mistake that Jordan Peterson makes as well actually.)

  3. Ben Weedon

    As I’m sure you’re aware there are people such as myself who are not well informed on the basis for the trinity or it’s technical nature. I found this very interesting and useful.
    Although I didn’t get all that much from hijab himself I thought Peterson was very clear and the way he handled the situation spoke well of his evident intentions for an open conversation. Hijabs prodding him also caused some remarkably lucid moments which I appreciated.
    I think I’d have probably enjoyed a little more interaction from you because it would have been interesting to hear your response to his statements. But given your impression of his willingness to take on anything new it sounds like it might be better as a Video commentary rather than in the conversation. Not that I’m suggesting you use your time on that necessarily. I’m sure you have many other things to spend your time on but I always find your reactions fruitful and stimulating even when they make me uncomfortable. Many thanks for your work.


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