Hope for the Future and the Religion of the Apostles | with Fr. Stephen De Young

by | May 7, 2021 | Videos

Fr. Stephen De Young is an Orthodox priest. He’s the host of the Whole Counsel of God podcast and a co-host of the Lord of Spirits podcast from Ancient Faith Ratio. He’s also the author of the Whole Counsel Blog. Today we are discussing Fr. Stephen’s new book “The Religion of the Apostles”. We talk about “the divine council”, what it means to exist, monotheism vs polytheism, atheism and materialism, post-modernism, the Book of Enoch, witchcraft, the judgement of God and hope for the future.

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  1. Barbara Eng

    Thank you. I had Hodge’s Systematic Theology as my basic text in Seminary. I am 71 and have struggled with the gap between the physical and material from a nominal moralistic childhood to agnosticism to Evangelicalism to Orthodoxy. It does take time for us to have our minds renewed. Blessings to you during Pascal Tide.

  2. Martin O'Hara

    Merci, Chef: You and your visitor had me laughing with joy.