Casting Down Images

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Videos

We explore the meaning of the casting down of statues and other symbols of history.

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  1. Heather

    I really appreciate this analysis. It makes sense that iconoclasm occurs when one culture is trying to subjugate/replace another. I was also thinking that, in the weird vortex of 2020, this is yet another form of purity test on the coattails of coronavirus masking, nasal swabs, sanitizers, temperatures checks and, eventually, a vaccine to eradicate the “invisible enemy”… that the demand for purity from physical disease has the same basic framework as this new demand for purity from “unacceptable” opinions, words and thoughts. According to the trending narrative of the far Left, racism – also called an invisible enemy – is a systemic illness, our cultural icons are tainted, the men depicted (or the depictions themselves, in the case of “white” Jesus) are part of the disease and therefore must be purged, or they will continue to harm society. The same purity test is bringing down university professors, celebrities, politicians, and various business professionals whose words or opinions don’t align with woke ideology. People were losing their livelihoods from the lockdowns, and now they’re losing their jobs due to cancel culture. So are coronavirus and BLM/Antifa variations on a theme? What will be the overarching theme of 2020 ultimately be?


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