August Super-Post-Covid Q&A

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Videos

Scheduled for release on 8/31/2021

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  1. Adam Shellard

    Hi Jonathan! My recent seizures have me thinking about the symbolism of seizures. My most recent one came before the healing of the epileptic son. I know symbolism isn’t good or bad, so don’t hold back. Thank you!

  2. Kelly Madden

    In his book Matthieu says: “{H]umanity’s impetus in the universe can adequately be summed up as: ‘informing matter with meaning and expressing meaning with matter.’” (p. 50)

    Is that how we should understand (in part) the Lord’s foundational command: “Fill the earth and subdue it” ?

  3. Ramal

    Good Night Jonathan! Could you please elaborate more in the symbolism of dogs? I’ve seen an old lecture that you talked briefly about dogs marking “ends” (Krypto and Cerberus), and saw that kind of applies also in the context of cynocephali and the canaanite woman, but I’m still struggling to understand how all that is associated with dogs.