The June Q&A will be on the 23rd at 8pm ET. As you might know, the Q&As are now done live only for patrons. For those who are supporting at 10$+, you can ask a question in advance. Put your question in the comment section below. The questions are now moderated to avoid running too long, so please:
1. Ask only one question.
2. Please try to formulate your question simply and succinctly.
3. Avoid questions that are too long or that are simply statements.
4. Please have your questions in a few days before the date of the Q&A as the questions must be curated. Last minute questions will not be seen.
This will be the link to the Live Q&A, the finished video will be posted after the end of the Q&A.

If you have been at a 25+ patronage for at least a few months and want to set up a one on one, please contact [email protected]