A Universal History: History through the Symbolic Lens | with Richard Rohlin

by | May 5, 2021 | Videos

I interview Richard Rohlin, philologist and co-host of the Amon Sûl podcast. We talk about the “universal history” – ancient people understood themselves to part of fundamentally the same world approachable through different identities and particularities in time. The modern world has lost this natural coherence and instead sees identity and narrative as tyrannical and/or arbitrary. Richard and I talk about hagiography, the Middle Ages as our cultural backdrop, synchronism and how we can rediscover a shared and coherent narrative by understanding historical events symbolically.

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  1. Fredösphere

    Oddly, this is not the first podcast I’ve listened to this week that discusses the desire to enter Hell to save the soul of Virgil retroactively. I was listening to episode 34 of the Sacred and Profane Love podcast (highly recommended) which covers Dante’s Paradiso. They speculated that “retroactively saving Virgil” was the hidden theme of the work. (I hope I’m expressing that precisely.) So that may be where Charles Williams got his idea for the same thing.

    Listen to that podcast here: https://thevirtueblog.com/2021/05/17/episode-34-dantes-paradiso/