Symbolism In The Book Of Genesis – With Matthieu Pageau

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Podcasts

With Matthieu Pageau we discuss symbolism in the creation story told in Genesis and how it relates to consciousness, the problem of self-reference and how true symbolism usually appears in a fractal structure of microcosms and macrocosm.

The problem of science and rationality is that by emphasizing materiality and reason it often struggles with the paradox of self-reference and self-causality, just as it struggles with the problem of the justification for hierarchical structures of value. These two issues are related through the fact of consciousness and self-awareness. Though science struggles to include the consciousness of the viewer in its general calculation, this is something that is done very well in traditional cosmologies through a series of self-replicating patterns which are embedded into each other somewhat like a fractal pattern.

Matthieu’s book is now out: The Language of Creation
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