Intersectionality Individuality And The Hero – With Jordan Peterson

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Podcasts

This is a discussion I had with Jordan Peterson on Nov. 14, 2017 in which he called me in the morning and we began looking at several ideas together.

Original video on Jordan Peterson’s channel:

Original description: I woke up at about five thirty this morning to a flood of ideas dealing with the emergence of what has been called “intersectionality” in the postmodern/identity politics world. Intersectionality is a movement based on the observation that the standard identity groups (race and gender, for example) don’t sufficiently capture the variability in oppression that characterizes those who fit into both categories simultaneously (say, black woman). I realized that the intersection of six or more categories of variation (depending on the degree of differentiation) would produce “groups” of only one individual. In that manner, the idea of the individual is necessarily making its comeback in the ideologies of collectivism that characterize so much modern thinking. It’s an inversion, an indication of our upside down world. Many more ideas came along with that one, some associated with the idea of categorization and the ideal (in a religious and symbolic sense). I decided to contact Jonathan Pageau, who is the embodied intersection of French Canadian, artist, orthodox icon carver, male, expert on postmodernism, and bearded, as I couldn’t easily think of anyone else to talk to about such things.

I didn’t edit it at all.


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