Manuscript Submission Form

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  • Symbolic World Press publishes books, graphic novels, and the Symbolic World Journal. At the present time, all SWP publications are collaborations initiated by Jonathan Pageau and produced under his creative direction and delegation to executive editors.
  • If you wish to submit a book project, please link to this form and briefly introduce work in the body of the message. Please attach your curriculum vitae, resume, or artist statement, as well as your book proposal. You may attach a sample chapter if available, but please do not submit a complete manuscript unless invited. 

Unsolicited materials 

We discourage unsolicited submissions via mail as our team works remotely. We are unable to respond to unsolicited manuscripts, photos, or artwork, and it is not our policy to return such materials. If you wish to send materials to Jonathan for gift or other consideration, please email to initiate a conversation and request for mailing instructions.

Please note: We will only be in touch should we have interest in discussing your submission further.