Authority on the Right, Power on the Left

I continue where I left of in my previous video about left hand and right hand symbolism, where now I discuss the idea of authority and power or direct and indirect influence. I use iconography and other images (like the royal scepter and orb) as examples to expound on this symbolism.

Left Hand / Right Hand Symbolism:

Read the article: Authority on The Right. Power on The Left:…


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:31 – Intro music
00:00:56 – The Pantocrator
00:01:40 – The right hand: direct
00:03:24 – The left hand: indirect
00:05:10 – Auctoritas and potestas
00:09:36 – In Christianity: the keys and the book
00:12:58 – Spiritual and secular
00:14:37 – A fractal pattern
00:19:09 – The transfiguration
00:21:26 – This symbolism in today’s world


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